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"To be silly is to be wise" - Blizzard Planit

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Hop in!
Hey, I'm Blizzard Planit.

 Yes, it’s my real name. I was born in a record-breaking blizzard in New York City and my dad insisted my first name be ‘Blizzard.’ My mom compromised with Blizzard as my ‘2nd middle name’. When I became an Author, Podcast Host, and Voice Actor, in a way, dad 'won'.

I created Planit Butter™ in my ever-playful way to empower 
society with Self Friendship™. Through Self Friendship Podcast, Coffee Table Books With a Lesson, & Planit Butter Publication. My mission is to cultivate United Individualism;
A society that operates independently together.

Planit Butter™ is 'my world', my Plani
t. The 'i' stands for Individualism and just so happens to be my last name. A world made of nut butter because I've LOVED peanut butter since that record-breaking day. 

It's the place to be if you wanna create 
ou in?

From my Planit to yours,
Blizzard Planit

Blizzard driving convertible in desert


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